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My cycling life: Laura’s journey to Breeze training

Laura Orme

Laura’s battled some challenging health issues. Now she’s about to train as a volunteer Breeze Champion, and start inspiring others.

This week on wheels: lighting the way

Matt Rudd

Glowing bike lanes, miming bike magicians and the world’s longest bike bridge – all part of Matt Rudd’s wrap-up of the cycling world.

Behind the ‘Turning the Corner’ campaign

Martin Key

British Cycling’s Campaigns Manager explains the inspiration behind our latest cycling safety campaign – and how one small change to the Highway Code could make all the difference.

This week on wheels: the stage is set…

Lucy Makinson

From the steep slopes of the track to all the wrong turns, Lucy Makinson takes a look at the highs and the lows of This Week on Wheels.

Equal prize money: a step in the right direction

Lynn Gallagher

Lynn Gallagher applauds the announcement of equal prize money in the UK national road series.

Happy Birthday Dennis

Karen Harvey

Find out why everybody at British Cycling is wishing Ride Leader Dennis Fitton a happy 80th birthday. 

This week on wheels: snow way to cycle

Samantha Neville

Snow in sunny Spain and plenty more strange goings on This Week on Wheels.

Ten great road routes to try this year

Tommy Morrisroe

Looking for some inspiration? British Cycling’s Tommy Morrisroe suggests ten great road routes to get you going.

This week on wheels: Mind the gap

Thomas Turner

Strikes, snow and stolen cows. Thomas Turner takes a look at the week that was in cycling.

New Year’s resolutions are a Breeze

Becki Morris

Becki Morris believes HSBC UK Breeze bike rides are the perfect way for women to reach their health and fitness goals in 2017.