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Monmouthshire - Sir Fynwy

Established - 30/03/2018

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    Weekends, Evenings

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The Free Wheelers are a Group offering an alternative to the distance, speed and Strava obsessed clubs and groups! There are so many “social” groups out there that have started with good intentions but have morphed back into Lycra clad cycling clubs with 80 mile weekend marathons! We are trying to offer an option for those of us with busy lives and commitments who have an interest in all types of cycling, and are looking for some companionship without alienating our families and jeopardising our careers by getting the balance wrong. Yes we’ve all been there haven’t we?!. Also, rather than stay local all the time which just leads to boredom, it would be nice to devote at least 50% to 75% of the rides to other areas around the country such as Cardiff, Cotswolds, Herefordshire, Bristol etc. Easy going, cafe and pub fuelled rides are the goall!

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