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Hi my name is Paul and I live in Northampton. I set up this Social Group for cyclists in Northampton in June 2016, aimed at mixed ability recreational riders . One reason is that although there seemed to be clubs/groups for serious cyclists (going hard at it for 50 miles in the early hours), there were none for the more shall we say 'recreational' cyclist , who is perhaps not really too keen on setting their alarm for 7am at the weekend :-/ As the group founder (and a GoSkyRide Leader) I hope to regularly plan a few rides and post them on here (and on a Facebook group I have set up under the same name). However, anyone who wants to can be set-up to post and lead rides (and a few regulars are now doing this :-) ......after all many folk will probably have their favourite routes and it would be great to share them. We will mainly be cycling the lanes (sometimes bridleways) of Northamptonshire, with the focus being on fun ,fitness and enjoying the views......with a cafe/pub stop thrown in for good measure :-) No lycra is required (although members of formal clubs are more than welcome) and we will probably do most of our rides on Sunday , meeting in various locations at a sociable time of 11ish (to allow for those that enjoy a good Saturday night out) and then pedaling along at a leisurely pace for a couple of hours (maybe more at times ??). Sound good ? :-) PS We also have a Facebook group under the same name : Finally a huge welcome and a bit more information for any new members ( and a reminder to existing members), about how we can enjoy our time on our bikes but at the same time encouraging safe riding habits as you grow into this rewarding hobby. We do have a range of levels within the group now (Jan 2017), from absolute beginners to more serious riders who take on 50-100 mile sportives. We will do our best to accommodate everyone and intend to run confidence building rides at less than 10 miles on very easy terrain to give people that have just taken up the hobby a chance to gain a little confidence. I’m sure there will be a few more experienced guys around to help with setting the bike up, learning basic control and give you a nice, easy ride out to show you that you can do this. While certain things are not law when taking a bike out, there is a basic level of equipment that we expect people to own when enjoying this sport. While lycra is 100% optional (some of us do wear it despite not having the right physique ;-) ), certain things like lights are actually law and using a bike without working lights on the road is a criminal offence. Likewise, although it is only recommended to use a helmet, we do feel that from a safety point of view this is an essential piece of equipment and will expect people to arrive with one. High visibility clothing is also recommended although not as important when cycling as a group. That said, if you intend to take on individual rides, it would make sense to own at least one item of high visibility clothing such as a gilet (we even have some free ones to give away if you ask). Safety cannot have a price put on it and we really don’t want to hear of a member being involved in an accident when they simply cannot be seen. So again, welcome to our group. We aren’t a bad bunch really, just a group of people with a shared hobby. We hope to see you on a ride soon. Finally some important information regarding our rides : As part of the 'Ride Social' network, our rides are organised by members of the Ride Social online community, and are not organised, approved, or insured by British Cycling. Riders take part at their own risk. You must be at least aged 16 or above to participate unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. The ride organiser has the right to carry out the necessary checks and refuse participation in the ride should those checks not be satisfactory. We recommend that while on a ride you follow the Highway Code and be prepared for situations such as adverse weather conditions, mechanical problems and flat tyres. It’s a good idea to carry the following items: refreshments, mobile phone, bike lights, bike pump, puncture repair kit, spare tubes, multi-tool, waterproof clothing.

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