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Established - 01/11/2018

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  • Avg. distance (miles) 55.8
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Hi we are a group of friendly riders who aim at good quality social runs,touring with a fair pace of about 14 mph,average,sometimes we go faster if we are all capable and agree. We never leave people behind but if you are unsure of tour abilities contact us first and we will organise a friendly beginners ride.Distance is usually about 40/60 miles winter and up to and sometimes more than 100 in summer. Cafe or pub meal stops where and when we decide,usually we know where they are and head for about 30 miles for first stop.We tend to do road rides and also have trekking and cyclo cross bikes if that interests you.We are more than happy for new members to suggest ride routes and take the lead,we go out for pleasure so its our group,not any individuals' set up.We.can also offer camping and touring abroad guidance and have even suggested a Dutch dash having a day trip via P and Ferris from hull out of season autumn ect ? Mechanical skills are at hand for maintenance and set up. We advise you to join British cycling or cycling UK for liability insurance and legal help,new members are welcome to try us before doing so for a few rides.Age limit? Well we encourage all cycling aspects including disabilities but please contact us if you are younger than 18 or have a diagnosed health problem. Enjoy the ride and have some fun


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