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Established - 03/10/2018

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This group is being set up, purely so you don’t miss any Breeze rides out on the Isle. You do not have to live on the isle to join, as long as you wish to ride it. When rides are created on letsride, we can invite people or groups. I would hate for people to be missed, by joining the group you will all be invited each time. For your guidance Breeze rides in North Lincs are colour coded to enable you to join rides suitable for your enjoyment. The colour codes are explained below. Mellow Yellow – introductory rides on quiet roads. Suitable for beginners or anyone returning to cycling. Steady pace average 7-9mph Rides 5 - 20 miles.   Graceful Greens - A little faster, now that you are feeling more confident, these rides will be at a steady pace average 9 –11mph. It is advised that you build up your distances gradually, your ride leader will be able to advise you as to which rides you will enjoy the most.  Rides up to 40 miles.   Blazing Blues – Quicker rides for the more confident rider. Pace average 11-13 mph. The terrain may be more challenging including hills and descents. Rides up to 50 miles.   Pacey Purples - Challenging fast rides for confident and experienced riders 14 mph+ Rides up to 50 miles.   How Average Speed is calculated   To achieve an AVERAGE speed of 12mph, often speeds will exceed 15mph on the flat with speed dropping below 12mph as the elevation picks up as speed reduces on climbs to 7, 6 or 5 mph. The sum of these speeds faster than 12mph and these speeds slower than 12mph, calculated together give the average speed of 12 mph.   Please ensure you read the ride description when booking on a ride. If you are unsure please ask one of the ride leaders, they will be only too happy to help.

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