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Established - 14/10/2018

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*****REBRAND ALERT***** We have renamed our lovely group from ‘Over the Hills cyclists’ to ‘Spokes - London Cycling’. Absolutely everything else is the same - same weekend rides, same fun and inclusive atmosphere and same focus on the joy and fun of cycling with like-minded folk. We are a group of cycling enthusiasts who try and get out for a ride at least once every weekend. We believe cycling is great for the health and even better for the soul. For us, it’s all about having some fun and fresh air with like minded folks. We do medium to long distances, usually 20-40 miles, with stops for coffee and something to eat, and sometimes a beer at the end. We’re a welcoming group and a mix of ages. It doesn’t matter what type of bike you have - between us we have older bikes, fancy bikes and e-bikes. Some of us are total bike geeks, others are mostly in it for the tea, cake and chat. We always wait for everyone; all rides have a front and back marker so no one gets left behind. We will post some rides on here from time to time but our full programme will always be available in the Facebook group.


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