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Richmond upon Thames

Established - 03/11/2019

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  • Group type Women Only
  • Avg. distance (miles) 25
  • Avg. duration (hours) 2:00
  • Bike types Hybrid (off road tyres), Hybrid (road tyres), Road

Not Breeze. RIDING WITH MATES :> This is a private group for the regular riders of the Little Lanes Breeze, and Cafés & Other Mini Bike Adventures groups. To meet easily and ride informally amongst ourselves. Membership is by invitation and currently limited to 25. = GROUP GUIDELINES = Average speed over the distance starting from c12.5mph/20kph. Everyone takes their turn to help, organise, lead. Max membership 25. Anyone who has not participated in 6 months gets scrubbed off !!! Coming along just for brunch (or breakfast) counts as active participation :> You may bring along a guest (a member rides with her guest). Membership is free. We ride in small groups (4-6 ideally, 8 max !!), neat and tidy as far as comfortable (single file, or in tight two's; a-bike-to-a-wheel’s distance apart on flat roads, a greater distance on descents, following one's own instincts). We look out for each other, and endeavour to leave no one behind. Thus, every ride should be NO-DROP (ie waiting at junctions, at top/bottom of hills etc, not necessarily all riding along at the same speed, mindful that it is kind if the slowest rider might be unobtrusively accompanied) ... UNLESS a ride is clearly stipulated as a DROP-RIDE (useful for training) (in which case, riders must be prepared and happy to find their own way to the café stop/ home). We are prepared to be generous in judgement towards car drivers and pedestrians, and to be polite to them regardless of circumstances. This group is moderated by me (Deborah Liew). Can I help you with anything? [email protected]


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