Friday 28th February 2014 10:00am

Starting from - On the corner of Ealing Common opposite The Grange pub, W5 3HX

  • Distance (miles) 14
  • Level Steady
  • Bike types All bike types
  • Duration minutes 150
  • Location Ealing

Starting point

W5 3HX

On the corner of Ealing Common opposite The Grange pub

This will be a leisurely ride to Cafe Roehampton Gate in Richmond Deer Park for coffee.    We will cycle down to Brentford,  along Strand-on-the-Green with some lovely views of the river, across Chiswick Bridge on the cycle path and then make our way through Sheen to the park.   After coffee we will return to Ealing by the same route.   Most of the ride is on quiet roads and, whilst there is hill to reach Sheen Gate after our coffee stop, we will avoid all the steeper hills in Richmond Park.

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