Friday 13th April 2012 5:00pm

Starting from - Richmond Park, Richmond Gate, Richmond Hill, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6RR, TW10 6RR

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Starting point

TW10 6RR

Richmond Park, Richmond Gate, Richmond Hill, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6RR

This is a gentle and leisurely 7.35 mile ride around the perimeter of Richmond Park along the Tamsin Trail. The ride is almost entirely car-free, but it is a shared path with pedestrian priority and there is a 10mph speed limit. Whilst the trail has recently been resurfaced, it is an off-road route so you will need to watch out for loose stones and uneven surfaces. There are a couple of steep hills, but don’t worry, we will take them slowly or you can even push the bike if you are not a fan of hills. We welcome newcomers and beginners and we'll take the pace of the slowest person so no one is left behind. We'll take in the fresh air, scenic views and spot the free roaming deer!  After our ride we'll stop for a drink at the Roebuck Pub at Richmond Hill, so please bring some money with you if you want to join us. It's a good idea to bring some water and you may also want to bring a snack. Dress appropriately for the weather: in cold weather it's good to wear lots of thin layers, so you can add/remove them as needed; a pair of warm gloves and warm socks may also be useful. Don’t forget your waterproofs as the ride will take place in any weather, come rain or shine! Wearing a helmet is advisable; if you don’t have one please do not to worry you can still take part.  If you enjoy the bike ride and would like to come again perhaps you could look to buy one then.  If you don't have a bike but would like to come, CYCLE HIRE is available for adults and children, including tag-alongs and baby seats. The cycle hire kiosk is located in the car park by the golf course at Roehampton Gate.
T:+44 (0)7050 209 249
E: Nearest Train Station to the Bike Hire is Barnes (30 minute walk to Roehampton Gate) Route If you want to see a map of the Tamsin Trail, please click on this link: We look forward to seeing you soon! Andrea and Alice

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