Saturday 19th November 2016 9:30am

Starting from - Cafe Nero Harpenden, AL5 2SN

  • 15 miles
  • All bike types
  • 3 hr

Starting point


Cafe Nero Harpenden

Come and join our sociable Graceful Greens as we set out on our monthly tour of Hertfordshire best cycling cafe's. A wonderful and friendly group of ladies get together for what is clearly the highlight of our month. The rides are aprox 15 miles or there about’s. Our pace is gentle and averages aprox 9 mph. We live in a hilly county so most of our rides will have one or two, but we will always wait for everyone at the top, and encouragement to get everyone round and improve will be there in abundance. Get’s your weekend off to a fabulous start.

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Ride leaders

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  • Breeze Champion

    Breeze Champion

Julie Swan



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