Wednesday 3rd July 2019 10:00am

Starting from - Outside Shrivenham primary school. SN6 8AD

  • 8 miles
  • All bike types
  • 2 hr

Starting point


Local Roads in Shrivenham

Many people would like to get out on their bikes but say that traffic puts them off. In fact cycling is a pretty safe means of transport especially if you are able to ride confidently. Bikeability is the "term" which means Cycling Proficiency for the 21st Century. Lew Lawton was a professional cycling instructor for 10 years working for Swindon, Wilts and West Berks council and has taught hundreds and children and adults how to safely negotiate local roads. This session is designed to show you how road positioning, keeping alert and communicating with other road users will enable you to feel safer on the roads. We will be using the Level 2 Bikeability sylabus as the basis for the session so you should already be able to ride a bike in a straight line and stop safely. If you are unsure about your ability to signal Left and Right we will help you.

This course is specifically for Shrivenham and the very local villages. The training will be geared to riding in the village. The course will take place on the local roads in Shrivenham. Starting off with the quiet ones and as we progress and gain confidence moving on to the stage where we can take our place on roads with a bit more traffic. NB we will NOT be going anywhere near the A420.

No stops are planned, but by all means bring a water bottle and snack so we can take short breaks to review our progress

Helmets are (almost) mandatory. You should really use one. A high viz is also recommended. When ever you go out on your bike you should take a spare inner Tube, a puncture repair kit and a pump.

We especially welcome newbies!

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