Saturday 12th October 2019 4:15pm

Starting from - Canal Basin, Victoria Quays, inside the Furnival Road entrance (near the Victoria Hotel Holiday Inn), S47YB, S4 7YB

This Sheffield City Region Critical Mass Group ride is open for anyone to join

  • 7 miles
  • All bike types
  • 2 hr 50 mins
  • Steady
  • Sheffield
  • Children aged 8-15*, Children aged 11-15*, Adults 16+ only, Children aged 5-15*

Starting point

S4 7YB

As we’re probably the friendliest Critical Mass Group on the planet, everyone’s welcome to meet at Victoria Quays. We are cycling through the beautiful Burngreave Cemetery, before joining the deer-lightful lantern procession to Parkwood’s peak. Please note that we will be walking our push bikes to the top of Parkwood, which used to be a deer park. Also, should it be deemed unsafe to push our bikes in the procession, as it might worry the deer, I’ve arranged bike parking adjacent to Parkwood’s peak.

All the deer-lightful ride, from start to finish, takes place in the beautiful Burngreave Ward; it’s probably the best ward in Sheffield. Certainly, it is at 5.45pm, Saturday October 12, 2019. And we should thank everyone in that ward for making this event one of the most spectacular in the Sheffield region.

If the procession is cancelled due to wild weather, we usually seek sanctuary in Christ Church; it’s probably the best church in the Burngreave Ward. Certainly, Christ Church is worth visiting on a wild night in October, too.

Please be aware that you participate at your own risk. And please bring a spare tube and tother essentials, such as lights, and money to purchase any drinks and snacks you fancy at the pop-up carnival (with toilets) at Parkwood.

Please use the link below to the ride at our Facebook page, and then you can keep up-to-date with any conversations.

Furthermore, I’ve been an active member of the Parkwood Landfill Liaison Committee, as well as the Cycle Sheffield Parkwood Springs Officer. I have been nudging organisations such as British Cycling to help SCC to transform Parkwood Springs into an active travel destination.

I’m aware that the Sheffield City Region Local Growth Fund has approved a £4.8m loan to make the Sheffield Ski Village site, at Parkwood Springs, bigger and better than it was before it closed for “refurbishment”. Also, the significant portion of the loan will fund the new access road to the car park.

Indeed, the new operators of the Ski Village (who had the vision that helped to secure the “loan”, which could be changed into a grant) have posted two very interesting press releases on their website. Allegedly, they were seeking planning permission to develop, launch and operate the 19 to 23-hectare site at the old ski village and surrounding area with £170-million sports, leisure and accommodation solutions (including a hotel and 1665 residential units).

Fortunately, there should be space to easily accommodate a path network for active travel. Even if the ski village site is granted planning permission to operate in 23 hectors, there should be 137 hectors remaining at Parkwood Springs to offer more spectacular views across the Sheffield region from its peaks in our country park than you could throw either your boots or spokes at. Certainly, it should be a deer-lightful ride.

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