Sunday 19th August 2018 8:00am

Starting from - Small layby next to Queenborough Corner its positioned off of Queenborough Road, ME12 3EW

  • 24 miles
  • All bike types
  • 4 hr
  • Steady
  • Swale
  • Adults 16+ only

Starting point

ME12 3EW

Small layby next to Queenborough Corner its positioned off of Queenborough Road

Hello ladies and welcome to your next adventure

I will be meeting you at 0800 hours at the lay-by next to Queenborough Corner garage which is just in front of the houses opposite The Aviator.

Minster ladies may want to meet me at Cowstead Corner - please let me know ahead to the day so we don't wait for you at the layby

We will be travelling towards Cowstead Corder and heading to The Kings Ferry Bridge, once over the bridge we will continue to the lovely village of Iwade. Once in Iwade we continue towards Kemsley along Grovehurst Road. Over the two roundabouts and on to Swale Way, once on Swale Way we will continue alone the cycle path towards Central Park Dog Track
Once we pass Central Park Dog track we now head into Murston and make our way to Tonge Road. We then ride through the small village of Tonge and pass the mill along Church Road joining Hempstead Lane. Once at the top of Hempstead Lane we briefly go onto the A2 and turning left into Panteny Lane......... This is our first hill.............. come on ladies you can do this. Once we have completed this till we loop round to Church Street and have a steady climb to Rodmersham Café.
After a bite to eat we are now back in the saddle home. Along Stockers Hill (downwards) and on to Grome Road. Cross the road on to Tunstall Road, please note this road has been closed for the past two weeks, so we may have to dismount and pass the road works along the pavement and join the road just past the road works. We continue to cycle through Tunstall towards Oad Street then one to Borden. We pop out on Chestnut Street next to The Tudor Rose and head towards Keycol round about. Depending on the traffic, this is a busy roundabout so riders may be asked to dismount to cross the roundabout - Claire will make that decision on the day. Rider to continue along Bobbing HIll and left into Cold Harbour Lane. We are now on our way home and heading back to Iwade and The Kings Ferry Bridge.

All riders to wear a helmet

Please note -
Eye protection and gloves are recommended

Always complete a safety check on your own bike, please check your tyre pressure before attending our Breeze ride. Breeze Champions are not trained mechanics if you have a problem with your bike please consider who can contact to assist if need. Claire will help you if she can

Also consider -
Suitable clothing and footwear (no open toes) for the weather including sun lotion
Water - its a long ride so you will need to drink
Spare inner tube & pump
Money if you are stopping for a bite to eat or a cuppa
And a big smile

*** Please note this ride is for more experience members of Swale Breeze Ride - We will be aiming for a speed of 10 MPH. You will not be left behind but this is a challenging ride and it has HILLS. If you would like a more details on this route please email Claire direct on ***

It is your responsibility to be fit and able to complete this ride.

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