Tuesday 23rd April 2019 10:00am

Starting from - The Car Park of the Bonnie Prince pub. DE73 5UE
Please wear a helmet, and make sure your bike is in good working order. Bring a puncture repair kit and a spare inner tube, and a snack and drink. You'll need some money for a drink at our stop. DE73 5UE

  • 29.1 miles
  • Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 5 hr
  • Challenging
  • Derby
  • Adults 16+ only

Starting point

DE73 5UE

This is a hilly ride - the route I have suggested is only 30 miles but there is a climb of nearly 2000 feet so it will challenge us!
We will hope to travel at an average of about 12mph - we will regroup at the top of hills and nobody will get left behind, however please take a look at the route and elevation and check it is a realistic option for you. Download it to your Garmin or similar if you can.
The cafe stop will either be Staunton Harold tea rooms (after 20 miles) or Melbourne Tea Rooms (after 25 miles) - we can decide on the day.
Make sure you are carrying a snack and a drink.

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