Thursday 24th April 2014 6:00pm

Starting from - Barmby Moor Village Hall, Chapel Street, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO42 4EL

  • 6 miles
  • Road
  • 45 mins

Starting point

YO42 4EL

Barmby Moor Village Hall, Chapel Street, East Riding of Yorkshire

Welcome back to our evening ride. This will ne a gentle tootle to get you back in the saddle.We will leave Barmby Moor and head down to Pocklngton on the cycle track. We will turn left at the Garaget then first right and out along The Mile turning left towards Meltonlby returning to Barmby Moor via Yapham ,Yapham Mill and Kedlspring Lane. There are a few undulations but nothing too hard. Please wear a bright jacket/high vis [even if not pink] and please have lights if you have them just in case. A helmet is advisable and a water bottle is always a good idea. Look forward to seeing you. Give me a ring if the weather looks doubtful but I will be going anyway whatever the weather! Val 07703134034

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