Monday 21st October 2019 6:30pm

Starting from - The car park is free at the Borough Arms and has plenty of space, if you need any help finding it please let me know! I will be cycling from Bodmin so if anyone wants to join me on the way let me know!, PL31 2RD

This Bodmin Breeze ride is open for anyone to join

  • 11 miles
  • All bike types
  • 3 hr

Starting point

PL31 2RD

Lights will be mandatory as the evenings are starting to draw in!

It will be a gentle ride down the trail and a possible stop for a drink!

Bring a lock with you!

Any questions let me know!

We will ride from Borough Arms to the Molesworth in Wadebridge and sit outside for a cup of tea or a drink! It will all be just as slow but please bring lights with you as it could be darker on the way back.

It will be all camel trail, it is a partially tarmac/gravel surface, although when we get to Wadebridge we will need to cycle on a small bit of road to get to the pub!

We will be stopping at the Molesworth at the half way point before returning, if anyone needs to stop for anything else we will do this on the way.

Please wear helmet, and bring an inner tube if you have one, if you don't or are unsure message me and I can help you! Also bring a bit of money and some water and a tissue in case you need it!

Come and enjoy the breeze in your hair and the fun of rolling along, no one will be left behind!

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