Tuesday 25th June 2024 6:30pm

Starting from - Plymbridge Wood National Trust Car Park by the big blue container, PL7 4SR

This Breeze Beginners (Plymbridge) ride is open for anyone to join

  • 2.8 miles
  • Mountain Bike, Hybrid (off road tyres), Hybrid (road tyres), Road, eBike
  • 2 hr

Free, women-only bike rides led by experienced Breeze Champions. They are a great way to get started in cycling or to improve your skills, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cyclist.

Starting point


If you are new to cycling or looking to re-start gently (or just fancy an easy saunter to the Skylark @ Clearbrook)(or possibly somewhere completely different, we do get a bit "random" at times), this is the right place to be, please keep reading.

Get this bit in soonish as you may get bored and wander off, you can hire a bike off us for the evening for an amazing basement bargain discount of only £3, this also includes a really stylish helmet that you get to wear and show off to all your friends.

Anyway, back to the ride bits, no, you don't have to get to Clearbrook on the first ride, we are here each week for your entertainment (mostly to look after you) and generally help out in all ways (cycling) (though cooking, food, and all sorts of random subject matter will feature in conversation!). We will gently coerce you each week in to improving and getting the most out of YOUR ability. Don't worry about what other people can or cannot do, this is about you and we'll split the group as necessary so YOU get the most out of it.

A bit about us, we volunteer for the pure love and joy of going out on our bikes and seeing YOU do a little better each week (disclaimer: some weeks you may not do better, we're all human and have our off days). We've all been trained by British Cycling to lead bike rides, done courses on basic first aid (very rarely used but nice to know someone is) and one or two of us are even fully qualified cycling instructors.

You are welcome to bring your own bike if you have one, please don't borrow someone else's without permission, they may get a bit peevy if they have to walk home several miles.

The weather may even be nice, so bring a drink to sip on and something lightweight to carry it in, suitable clothing for the evening (check the forecast and add a large hint of scepticism) and money for the pub (just in case).

*** Promotion Time ***
Every time you turn up for a ride you'll get a token, bring a friend who hasn't been on a ride before and you'll both get a token each (you can bring several friends but it'll only count as 1 as far as tokens are concerned). 3 tokens qualifies you for a £10 Love2Shop gift voucher (can be used in most shops in Plymouth), 5 tokens will get you 2 x £10 Love2Shop gift vouchers BUT (yes, there is a "but"), you must produce a receipt for something cycling related purchased in 2024 amounting to (or greater than) the value of the vouchers. Important: This is open to all BEGINNERS attending the ride and we do reserve the right to refuse tokens to non-beginners. Even more important: We do not have an unlimited number of vouchers, they will be handed out on a first come, first serve basis, while stocks last.

Hope to see you soon.

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