Tuesday 25th December 2018 10:00am

Starting from - Southwark Needle 11am; Beigel Bake 10.30am; Cutty Sark Gardens 10am, SE10 9HT

  • 22.1 miles
  • Mountain Bike, Hybrid (off road tyres), Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 4 hr 40 mins
  • Challenging
  • Greenwich
  • Children aged 8-15*, Children aged 11-15*, Adults 16+ only, Children aged 5-15*

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Starting point

SE10 9DR

This event has taken place every year since 2001 when it was inaugurated by Barry Mason, coordinator of Southwark Cyclists, founder of Greenwich Cyclists and organiser of the 2,000 strong 120 mile overnight Dunwich Dynamo ride. Although in previous years this ride has been brought to you under the auspices of LCC or Cycling UK, on this occasion the Dog & Bell Crew has decided to do a "no-deal Brexit" and carry out the ride under its own auspices. It's a case of "no deal, no problem, no money!"

We meet at Cutty Sark Gardens at 10am and start by cycling along National Cycle Route 4 past Russia Dock and Rotherhithe to the Southwark Needle, where we meet up with Bermondsey Bill Owen and the other cyclists who will be waiting for us there at 11am.

Keith Jones, from Tower Hamlets Wheelers, will be also be leading a feeder ride to the Southwark Needle start point. He will leave from the Beigel Bake, Brick Lane, E1 6SB at 10.30 (see https://www.towerhamletswheelers.org.uk/diary).

Bermondsey Bill Owen the will then lead us on a secret route to the Duke's Head pub in Putney, which he will not allow me to share with anybody.

We then cross the Thames at Putney Bridge and cycle though Brompton Cemetery and Hyde Park to reach Edgware Road, where we can have a meal at the Beirut Cafe, where we have eaten for the last few years. This restaurant is a Lebanese restaurant which opens as usual on Christmas Day.

Previous years have seen upwards of 100 cyclists of all ages, genders, ethnicities and body-mass indices take part, and we usually get a few skiving Santas thrown in.

Those wishing to come on the ride are asked to bring warm clothing, water, snacks, lights, basic tools and a spare inner tube in case you have a puncture (particularly important for this ride as there will no public transport on Christmas Day). Active parents are most welcome on the ride, provided that they are accompanied by at least one responsible child, and behave themselves. All should have at least basic road cycling experience.

Distance of the ride: 24 miles (one way to Edgware Road).

This ride has been brought to you under the auspices of the Dog & Bell Crew. This esteemed body is a group of social cyclists who work closely with colleagues in our neighbouring boroughs to plan a comprehensive series of rides (https://southwarkcyclists.org.uk/events/rides-planning-ale-drinking-2/). Although we meet in Lewisham, our meetings are separate from Lewisham-specific campaigning meetings. But we might not be using the right name. "What's wrong with SELBGRO (SE London Borough Groups Rides Organisation)? It lends an organic/infantile feel to the concept, blurring the images of horticultural compost with useful baby garment. Perfect. Dog and Bell Crew (https://twitter.com/dogbellcrew?lang=en) suggests a somewhat rowdy collection of (largely male, maybe due to my own prejudices) drinking buddies out on the pull. I sense a split is in the offing, my friend!" - saoirse (https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/230343/?offset=25). What do you think about this? Let's meet again to discuss this on Monday 21st January 2019 6:30pm at Suttons' Radio, 139-141 Lewisham High St, London, SE13 6AA: https://www.letsride.co.uk/rides/rides-planning-and-ale-drinking

Ride Organiser: Nigel Bee (tel 07415 315 690, email [email protected] )

"It's now a Dog & Bell Crew rather than a "Southwark" ride. Has been thus for the past few years. I'm still trying, so far without success, to get Southwark Cyclists involved in more social rides planning than their world-renowned Healthy Rides" - Francis Sedgemore.

"Southwark haven't been part of the Dog & Bell Crew for a while now. We miss them, and wish they would return" - saoirse.

"The rowdiness of the Dog & Bell Crew does not come from the hearts of the more reserved members of the Crew there assembled" - Francis Sedgemore.

Ride organiser: Nigel Bee (tel 07415 315 690, email [email protected] )

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