Sunday 19th September 2021 10:30am

Starting from - Sheffield Cycle Hub, Sheffield Station (known as Midland Station), Sheffield, S1 2BP, S1 2BP

This Sheffield City Region Critical Mass Group ride is open for anyone to join

  • 11 miles
  • All bike types
  • 2 hr
  • Steady
  • Sheffield
  • Children aged 8-15*, Children aged 11-15*, Adults 16+ only, Children aged 5-15*

Starting point

S1 2BP

Due to my injuries from a road traffic accident, medics are saying that I’m not fit to ride until the start of September. At least, rumours are still rife about urban deer sighted swimming in the River Don. So, during this rescheduled ride, we should enjoy a deer-lightful time exploring the almost traffic-free Don Trail, as well as both old and new cycle routes through Sheffield City Centre. Especially when British Cycling has sent a sensational funding offer letter to Sheffield City Council, which will help to build the Skyline Route from almost the extremely deer-lightful spot where most of the urban deer have been sighted in the Upper Don Valley.

The ride should be suitable for most types of bikes, as we can adapt the route.

Please remember that you participate at your own risk and it’s better to bring something to eat, as we could become engrossed about watching urban deer. We will follow British Cycling’s covid guidance, which at the time of posting is about keeping 2 metres apart before and after the ride, as well as at busy waiting areas.


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