Sunday 11th February 2018 10:00am

Starting from - The ride starts outside the Pavilion at the King George V Playing Fields in Cosham, opposite the Tax office. PO6 2SW

This Gosport Clarion Cycling Club ride is open for anyone to join

  • 30.1 miles
  • Hybrid (off road tyres), Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 5 hr 20 mins

Starting point


This ride takes a slightly extended route into the South Downs and has a little more countryside and with that a few more hills. Starting from Cosham, we'll head along to Farlington Marshes, to Havant, Emsworth and Westbourne. An early stop in Rowlands Castle will allow us to enjoy lunch at Tea on the Green. A longer return leg will see the ride continue into the Southdowns through Finchdean and Charlton, crossing the A3 to Clanfield. We'll then ride back through Hambledon, Southwick and over Portdown Hill at Monument Lane. Here the ride will end officially but the ride leader can continue back to Cosham if anyone doesn't know the way.

In going further into the Southdowns we do find more hills but there's nothing really challenging. This might not be a good choice as a first bike ride but the pace won't be quick and it can accommodate any riders that feel they are ready for a slightly longer day in the saddle.

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