Saturday 16th March 2019 8:45am

Starting from - Radisson Hotel. You can get a hot drink to set you up if you bring £1 for the charity tin. JE2 3WF

  • 12 miles
  • Hybrid (off road tyres), Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 1 hr 30 mins
  • Easygoing
  • Jersey
  • Adults 16+ only

Starting point


The ride is for beginners and we pick a route to suit the rides. Everyone in the group has been that beginner and are very happy to cycle at a pace that suits everyone. The group is supportive of new rides and it’s a really friendly group. It’s not about going fast and far it’s about enjoyment and meeting new people. The distance of ride varies but is always appropriate for the experience and fitness levels of the group. This is all about getting women not used to cycling on bikes. We somewhere between 90 and 120 minutes depending on route, and fitness of riders. We also have a coffee stop and plenty of drinks stops along the way. We leave at 9am and are always back in town by 12 noon at the latest.

We will ride west round the bay or east round harbour. We will keep it off road as much as we can in the first few weeks and also pick routes that are mainly flat.

Cycle paths or quite roads

We will stop for tea and coffee so bring some money. Cake also available!

Bring warn clothing. Better to have to many layers than not enough. No need for cycle clothing just wear what you feel comfortable as long as your warm.

We never leave anyone behind

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