Thursday 18th July 2019 6:30pm

Starting from - christchurch park , westerfield road entrance where the ipswich swarm starts/Finishes, IP4 2UJ

This ride is closed to members of SR - 2019 rides and events group only

  • 25 miles
  • Road
  • 2 hr
  • Challenging
  • Ipswich
  • Adults 16+ only

Starting point


slightly faster than normal social rides, the route will include some climbing sections mixed in with some faster flatter sections, the ride group will stay together at the pace of the slowest rider on each ride with the understanding that the average for these rides is expected to be 15-16+mph over the entire course.

A Slightly Faster Ride

using Rural roads and Country lanes

non stop Rides

We never leave anyone behind

Who else is on this ride?

There is no one booked on this ride at the moment.


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