Sunday 7th November 2021 9:00am

Starting from - Neville Turner Way Car Park
Waltham, DN37 0AG

  • 25 miles
  • All bike types
  • 3 hr 40 mins

Starting point

DN37 0AG

Leaving Waltham we will head to Ashby hill, up and over and that's the worst one out of the way.
Heading down we will turn at East Ravendale and breeze through the valley road.
Quick short climb here, then a nice flowing road afterwards.
From the junction another quick up and we will be travelling along the top of the ridge all the way to the top of Wyham, before we descend towards Wold Newton.
At the bottom we arrive at the cross roads, where we will turn to competition hill.
Gentle up to the top, where we will place our bets to how far we can go without pedalling. (Currently it looks like it's going to be tail wind! Will it get you over the Barton St???)
After we all regroup after the bit of fun, we will head to North Thoresby, then onwards to Tetney.
From here we will head to Sheila's favourite place to nick my slice (if she thinks it bigger than hers) of pie.
After coffee and cake, we will return to Tetney and travel through Holton Le Clay before we all part ways at Toll Bar.

Sheila's departing ride out

Mostly quiet roads

Planning on stopping at Norburns

Helmets are advised. Wrap up warm and bring a rain jacket incase. Bring an inner tube that fits your bike with tools that you require (tyre levers, pump and releasing wheels) to fix a "P" word

We especially welcome newbies!

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