165 metres climb
Risk assessed route
Distance - 16.4 miles
Bike suitability - Mountain Bike,Hybrid (off road tyres)
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Starting point

The Bradley Football Development Centre
Bradley Road
DN37 0AG


Said in rhyme;

Feel the wind in your hair and a breeze on your face
when riding your bike from place to place.
The cornfields are swaying forwards and aft
as the birds in the sky rise up on the draught.
The sheep are a-grazing in a quite lazy way
a farm dog is barking as onward we stray.
Passing a Manor on the left or the right
in their own grounds with flora so bright.
Farmhand on tractor an idyllic view
ploughs a long furrow so straight and so true.
A ploughshare lies idle at the side of the road
a long-time past relic, an historical mode.
No horses that pull they’re not of this day,
no carts go to market loaded with hay.
A long winding road through countryside fair
with hazy blue skies  and sweet tasting air.
Through village and hamlet with churches so tall
the ‘Old School House’ on somebody’s wall.
A Wesleyan chapel once filled with praise
converted to house with smart double glaze.
Streams that sparkle and trickle along
the tinkling sound, a countryside song.
Down a long hill to the ice cream shop
better slow down for here’s the next stop.
Strawberry, chocolate and mint chocolate chip,
a bowl of sprinkles and an ice cream dip.
Almost back the end it is near
then back to reality your experience to share.

A little bit of Lincolnshire unfolded!