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Join a local cycling group

Ride Social is a brilliant way to connect with friendly local riders and explore fantastic routes together.

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Share the miles

There's no membership fee, no club rules and we're all passionate about getting the miles in.

Use the ride finder to explore existing rides nearby, or reach out to a friendly local group and share the miles together.

If you want to organise a ride, simply join for free to get started.

What Ride Social is all about

  • Free bike rides to join

    Join an existing ride coming up nearby.

    Search local rides
  • Meet people to ride with

    Connect with local people and ride together.

    Find a ride buddy
  • Local cycling groups

    Sharing the miles with a group is a great way to build your route knowledge and your fitness.

    Search groups nearby
  • Ride together, discover more

    Adventurer Sean Conway shows how you too can have your own adventures with Ride Social, right on your own doorstep.

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