Tuesday 30th July 2019 9:30am

Starting from - Cantley Park, Wokingham RG40 5TU. There is plenty of free parking in the car park in front of the theatre. Please arrive about 10-15 minutes earlier to allow time for a briefing about the ride. RG40 5TU

  • 20 miles
  • Hybrid (off road tyres), Hybrid (road tyres)
  • 6 hr

Starting point

RG45 7PT

Breeze ride to Waltham Place with private garden tour & lunch.

Route, distance & pace
We will be mainly be cycling on quiet roads and lanes with short distances on some busier roads. There are a few inclines as we pass over the motorway bridges but otherwise the route is mostly flat. There is a short (~0.3 miles) gravelly section on Green Lane/Monks Alley so may not be suitable for road bikes with very skinny tyres. It is about 10 miles to Waltham Place and another 10 miles back to start via a different route. We will be aiming for a steady pace of about 10 miles/hour.

Timetable for the day
We are a large group of 29 riders. We have 8 champions on the ride therefore we will be riding in 4 groups. The first group will set off at about 9:30 with the others following, leaving a few minutes between each group. We will organise the groupings on the day.

We hope to all have arrived at Waltham Place by 11:00 when we'll be served refreshments. This will be followed by the garden tour and then the lunch. After lunch we'll set off back to Cantley Park.

What to bring
Please bring a drink to sip on route. You may need sun tan lotion (hopefully) or a waterproof (I hope not!). Waltham Place have told me that there will be space to park our bikes safely. I'll let you decide if you wish to lock it as well. A helmet is advised.

Before setting out
Please take time before the ride to check your bike to ensure it is roadworthy. If you are arriving by car then it will be a good idea to allow a few extra minutes to check your bike after removing it from your car. If you need a reminder on how to do an M-check there are several demo videos on the internet, e.g. https://www.rospa.com/road-safety/advice/pedal-cyclists

Toilet facilities at Cantley Park
Jill Bissell has kindly arranged with Wokingham Council for the toilets at the sports pavilion to be open for us before (from 08:45) and after the ride (from 15:30). The toilets are at the back of the pavilion adjacent to the large field.

For more information on Waltham Place visit http://www.walthamplace.com/

Breeze ride to Waltham Place with private garden tour & lunch.


This ride is on roads and tracks. Helmets are advised.

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