Thursday 10th November 2022 10:00am

Starting from - START/FINISH LOCATIONS: Watford Cycle Hub, Chaffinch Lane, Watford, WD18 9QD; refreshments, toilets and free parking available. WD18 6LB

This Spokes SW Herts Cycling Group ride is open for anyone to join

  • 19 miles
  • Mountain Bike, Hybrid (off road tyres)
  • 3 hr 30 mins
  • Challenging
  • Watford
  • Adults 16+ only
Check the weather! Make sure you've brought the right clothing, equipment and provisions so you have an enjoyable experience. Thanks!

Organized by groups in the community, these rides are a great way to meet new people, explore your local area and to have fun riding your bike. You can find rides that are suitable for your level of experience and interests whilst enjoying being part of a social cycling community.

Starting point

WD18 6LB

A surprising 19 mile excursion through South Oxhey, Northwood Hill and Ruislip, through the rural hinterlands of Hillingdon and back along the Grand Union Canal, then Ebury Way. Much of this off-road and one section in particular (the cycle trail in Bayhurst Woods) is very challenging; the track is shared with horse riders and is extremely muddy and slippery in places. Only mountain bikes and hybrids with off road tyres will manage this.

I have reversed the route of the 040 Bayhurst Wood Country Park ride so that the road sections are earlier in the ride and the main muddy sections towards the end. Sadly the Lock 81 cafe is only open at weekends so refreshment stops would need to be a pub on route or at a cafe near or at the end at Watford Cycle Hub. It is suggested that a snack is brought along with your drink.

RIDE CONSIDERATIONS: There is a significant section on the canal towpath and there are road sections with typical town levels of traffic. There are narrow bridlepaths. The is only one significant hill leading out of South Oxhey. The section through Bayhurst Woods is very challenging and only accessible using off road tyres.

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