Thursday 6th September 2018 6:00pm

Starting from - At the Kings Heath car park on Avenue Rd. B14 7RT

  • 9.2 miles
  • All bike types
  • 1 hr 40 mins

Starting point

West Midlands
B14 7RT

This ride is suitable for any ladies who are relatively new to cycling and might not have the confidence for cycling on their own on the roads with cars around. However they should feel relatively comfortable with bike handling. Also this ride is perfect for anyone, who wants to get out after work for a gentle spin and relieve the day stress :)
This route goes from Kings Heath park South and into the country lanes. There are no official stops planned for this ride as the evenings are getting darker, however if you feel like it we could go for a drink at the end in Kings Heath.
Any bike types will be suitable as the pace will be an easygoing.
Please wear a helmet and bring some water and snacks if you think you will need it.
Lights might be useful, however the plan is to get back before dark.
Bike lock might also be useful if you think you will want to stay for a drink at the end.
See you then! :)

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