Spring Bingo!


With Spring on our doorstep and the Easter holidays around the corner, are you looking for exciting ways to keep the family active? We have just the thing...

…A Spring bingo bike ride!

Where to Ride?

We know of places that are so easy to ride you can concentrate on the butterflies. Many of our certified British Cycling Routes are traffic free, family friendly, and superb in the sun. Think public parks, canal towpaths and bridleways.

How to Play

Task the youngsters (you can play too) with spotting the following Spring themed things whilst out and about. There’s no better way to enjoy the delights on Spring Time than on a bicycle… Can you spot them all?

Some things may be easier to spot while you’re still. Why not make a day of it and stop for a picnic? Lots of our routes are designed around a point of interest like a spectacular view or historic landmark. These make perfect places to refuel and discuss the scores.