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Let's Ride: Website FAQs

Whether you're using the site for the first time or need a reminder on how to complete a task, check out these frequently asked questions for help using the Let's Ride website to book, manage or cancel rides.

Our ride classification guide

HSBC UK Breeze and HSBC UK Guided Rides are categorised into ‘easygoing’, ‘steady’ and ‘challenging’. This guide will help you decide which is best for you.

Explore your local area on a HSBC UK Guided Ride

Craig Myers

Whether you want to build your confidence, meet new people or discover great places to ride, Craig thinks that HSBC UK Guided Rides are the perfect place to start.

Meet Alex, British Cycling Ride Leader

Alex Hicks

Alex Hicks trained to be a British Cycling Ride Leader in June 2017, and is looking forward to leading the first ever HSBC UK Guided Rides in Cardiff. 

Meet Mokhtar, British Cycling Ride Leader

Mokhtar Elareshi

Mokhtar Elareshi has been volunteering with British Cycling since 2011, and is looking forward to starting his seventh year of leading rides in Leicester.