Sunday 17th June 2018 10:00am

Starting from - Watford Cycle Hub,
The Pavilion,
Chaffinch Lane (off Tolpits Lane),
Watford, WD18 9QD

Tel. 01923 223994

Indoor Social Area to Meet Pre-Ride,
Free Car Parking,
Use of Track Pump for Tyres
Access to Drinking Water to Fill Water Bottles


Facebook:, WD18 9QD

This Watford Cycle Hub Rides ride is open for anyone to join

  • 16.9 miles
  • All bike types
  • 3 hr 30 mins
  • Steady
  • Watford
  • Children aged 8-15*, Children aged 11-15*, Adults 16+ only

Starting point

WD18 6LB

Starting from Watford Cycle Hub, this Steady Plus route takes in quiet cycle paths and country lanes to a lovely airfield at Elstree. Here we take a break at the on-site cafe to refuel and perhaps watch some take-offs! This route has a couple of gentle hills and just under 100m of climbing in total - so is a good ride for anyone who wants a route which is mainly flat, with a little hill practice. There is also a short section on a busier road, so again, good if you want a mainly traffic-free route, with a little road practice in the safety of a group. :) As a Steady Plus category ride, the aim is to help everyone round the route without pace pressure, the pace average over the route will be around 8-10 mph.

The section up towards Wall Hall can get a bit muddy and there's a few potholes. This route is 'do-able' on a road bike but it's at your discretion...This is a good route for hybrid riders and the mountain bikers will get round just fine too. :)

Please bring two spare inner tubes in case of punctures - as changing an inner tube is faster than getting out the rubber glue. The Ride Leaders will happily help if anyone in the group has a puncture on the day. Watford Cycle Hub sell inner tubes from £4 new, or recycled ones for 50p patched, £1 with no patches, should you need to purchase one.

Please check your bike is in good working order before the ride - especially that your brakes are working & your tyres are pumped. You can also come along early before the ride to use our track pump, or we can help get your tyres to the correct pressure for you pre-ride. :)

If your bike might need a little more TLC or hasn't been ridden for a while, you can always bring it in for a free assessment; we're Not-For-Profit and promise to give you an honest price if your bike needs fixing, fine tuning or a full service. :)

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